Installation of C-LANGUAGE

How to install C-LANGUAGE in Your Windows computers or laptops. In the Market for C-language so many compliers are available. Here we will learn How to downlaod and install the C language for your Computer.

Laks Tutorial is used TurboC++ compiler. The Compiler will work for both the c and C++ languages.

Downlaoding and Installing

  1. Just download the Turboc++ compiler form the Web world.
  2. Now you need to create a new directory turboc inside the C:drive
  3. Now double click on the install icon inside the C:\turboc

  4. c-installation
  5. It will ask you install c or not press enter to install

  6. c-installation
  7. change your drive to c press c

  8. c-installation
  9. Press enter it will look inside the c:\turboc\ for the required files.

  10. Select start installation by the down arrow key then press enter.

  11. c-installation
  12. Now c is installed ,press enter to read documentation or close the software.

  13. c-installation
  14. Now double click on the tc icon located in c|tc|Bin to write the c program.
  15. c-installation

Video tutorial

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