C-Language Introduction

Before learning the introduction of C- Language we have to remember some interesting concepts.I think we all are well known about the alphabets(a,b,c) for the reading ,writing, communication purpose. Same way we know the(1,2,3) numbers for calculations in our daily usages right.If you want to speak with someone about something first you know the language then you know the concept of your topic

In the same way as my knowledge if you want became a programmer you must and should start learning with c language only. If you choose any plat form or any programming language, all the features of all languages are derived from the c language only. For this reason if you learn perfectly c language you can learn easily other programming languages like CPP ,JAVA, DOT NET, .etc.


Language is a Communication media between two persons are two things.

Like if we both are talking with each other in our understandble language like English or any othre languages.In the same we can communicate person to computers, person to mobile phones, computers to computers by their understandable languages like Machine languages.


Program is nothing but set of instructions. Here in programming way instruction is nothing but collection of OPERATOR and OPERAND EX: C=a+b. a,b,c are operators and +, = are operands


STEP BY STEP PROCEDURE of given task is known as algorithm.In our daily life start and end with step by step process only.


Flowchart is an pictorial representation of an ALGORITHM


C language introduction. Before we learn C language we have to know something about c language.We have lot of questions while one new technology or new program or new thing will came once out in to the market. Who invented, what is the use. How we will use,It will use for me or not like these question will came in our minds. For these questions who raised in their minds please read total post for When C, Why C,Who developed C.


In 1972 a programmer Dennis Ritchie, created a new language name C. C superseded the old programming language he was using :B C was designed with one goal in mind writing operating systems.The language was extremely simple and flexible types of programs.It quickly became one of the most popular programming languages in the world.


Dennis Ritchie is the founder of c language. It was developed to overcome the problems of previous languages B,BCPL, etc. Initially, c language was developed to be used in UNIX operating system. From the beginning, C was intended to be useful to allow busy programmers to get things done because C is such a powerful, domain and supple language, its use quickly spread beyond Bell labs. in the late 70's.

Why Name "C" was given to Language ?

  1. Many of its principles and ideas were taken from earlier language B. Kene thompson was developed of B language.
  2. BCPL and CPL are the earlier ancestors of B language.
  3. CPL is Common Programming Language. In 1967, BCPL language( Basic CPL) was created as a scaled down version of CPL.
  4. As many of the Features were derived from "B" language thats why it named as "C".
  5. After 7-8 years C++ came into existence.

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