Elementor not loading| Elementor not working
Elementor not working solution. Elelmentor is a best drag and drop word press plugin. 1.By change the settings in elementor plugin. 2.Increase the memory size of the php file 3. Deactivate or delete the plugins. By these three settings you can solve the working problem of elementor plugin.… (0 comment)

Ms-Excel is a software product of Ms-office Developed by the Microsoft.Each and every were we are using the ms-excel sheets or spread sheets for our personal and official works .Ribbon, Office Button Formula Bar Name Box Zoom Bar Work Book Work sheets… (0 comment)

How to Repeat specific rows on every page in Excel
Repeat rows on every printed page in excel. STEP1: Click on the page layout tab STEP 2: Goto page setup group in that select "PrintTitles" STEP 3: after clicking the Print titles opens a new window STEP 4: Go to sheet tab in that select repeat rows at top STEP 5: select which rows you wants to display STEP 6: Press ok … (0 comment)

How to Change Screen resolution in windows 7
In this article we are going to learn How to Change Screen resolution in windows 7. Recently am facing the problem screen resolution out of range in my windows 7 operating system. Finally i solve that problem with following simple steps. why we are using screen resolution or display settings for the text and image… (2 comments)

How to change gmail background theme. Before thatĀ  Gmail is well known word for every one. Gmail is the best and very responsive mailing provider from the google. Every oneĀ  knows the Gmail was developed by Google. I think you people are very familiar in sending and receiving mails through the gmail. some of the… (0 comment)

Word Press plugins are a bit of software that can expand the your website functionality. In this article laks tutorial will share best and useful plugins for any websites in 2018. 1. W3 Total Cache W3 Total cache is used for seo and increasing your website performance. This will improves the search engine page ranking.… (0 comment)

Windows Short Cut Keys
LAKS TUTORIAL will explain and provide the list of windows shortcut keys for our readers. Every new version of Microsoft product s are used commonly same shortcut keys. Below table contains the short cut keys of windows that uses the windows logo key windows logo key board shortcut keys KEY Description Windows Key Display or… (0 comment)

C language Interview Questions PART-1
C language every one knows how much familiar c language. You want to learn any programming language you must and should know the basics of programming languages. If you learn the C language ,C language will make you very easy to learn other programming languages like C++,Java,C#. Here we are providing the Best Interview questions… (0 comment)

How to Create a Google Form using Google Drive
Trending Today Windows Short Cut Keys C language Interview Questions PART-1 How to Create a Google Form using Google Drive How to create a Bootable USB Device Desgin Your First Google Form 1.Decide which purpose for your Form Decide which information or which purpose you are creating the form 2.Change your Form Theme color Change… (0 comment)