Bolo reader app launched by google on 06-03-2019.

Bolo Reader app is useful to the primary kids and also useful for the primary school childrens.

Google launched Bolo reader app First in India.This app works offline also.

By launching this app google main aim is to encourage the children’s love to read and it becomes daily habbit.

Nitin Kashyap is a Google India Product manager told the bolo reader app works offline and no ads appear.

By this app children can improve their vocabulary.

google said bolo reader app having an animated digital assistant called Diya. Diya can speak Hindi and English.

In upcoming days Goolge wants to include more features on this reader app.

Diya can read a loud explains the correct to the children.

Google Bolo Reader app available in Google play store run on all the devices.

Download the app from the google play store or click here to directly got to play store.