C language is a basic programming language. Laks tutorial shares the basic interview question for beginners. Shall we begin to read just go down to read and learn the questions?

  1. What is a language?
  2. Define program ?
  3. Types of Programming languages?
  4. Define an Algorithm?
  5. Define Flowchart?
  6. Define Debugging?
  7. Who and when c language was developed ?
  8. Explain Features of C language?
  9. Define Compiler ?
  10. Define Interpreter?
  11. What is Machine Level Language?
  12. What is the Low-Level Language?
  13. What is Middle level language ?
  14. Define Data Type ?
  15. How many Data types in C?
  16. Define Variable?
  17. Define Local and Global Variable?
  18. What is an Instruction ?
  19. How many operators are there in c Language ?
  20. What is the pre processor ?
  21. How can we include library files in c language?
  22. From which statement on wards c program execution begins?
  23. How to declare a variable in C?
  24. Which statement is used for print the values in C?
  25. How to read the values from keyboard in c language?
  26. What are the trigaph characters ? How are they useful?
  27. Define Constant ?
  28. What is the significance of declaring a constant unsigned?
  29. Describe the characteristics of and purpose of the escape sequence characters?

We hope you got the some basic interview questions we are trying to provide remaining questions and also we provide the answers in our upcoming posts.

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