What are the best and easy learning Linux books and online resources on internet...

Linux is more complicated and hard to learn. So don’t be afraid to grab a UNIX system distro, transfer a tutorial, and...

How to Activate whats App payment |UPI payment

Whats App you people well known the word. I think you people are familiar to work with whats up.

How to Install R studio and Tomcat in Ubuntu

Installation of Tomcat in Ubuntu Before Tomcat installation in ubuntu first you need to install java

How To Send Summary Of Blog Posts To Your Feedburner Email Subscribers

Most of the Users are using Feedburner to send your latest blog or website posts to your email subscribers. In Feedburner, you can...

How to Remove footer credits from Blogger or Websites

Blogger is one of huge platform for the creating and hosting your blog in simple and free. For creating a blog is very easy...

Code execution Process in C | Java | Dot net

How to execute code in different programming languages like c,java,and dot net. What is Platform ?
Padma Awards-2019

Padma Awards 2019: Winners List of Padma awards 2019

Padma Awards one of the biggest civilian awards of the country are announced in three categories, namely, Padma Vibhushan, Padma Bhushan and...

Bolo reader App launched by Google

Bolo reader app launched by google on 06-03-2019. Bolo Reader app is useful to the primary kids and also...

How to create a Bootable USB for windows vista

Installing windows 7 or vista by USB. An easy way to create your USB  to bootable USB devices.      Before making bootable devices you must...

How to Save MS WORD|EXCEL|Power Point in PDF

How to Save MS-WORD or MS EXCEL and MS-POWER POINT documents in PDF   How to save ms office documents in PDF format. In this post...

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