How to change gmail background theme. Before that  Gmail is well known word for every one. Gmail is the best and very responsive mailing provider from the google. Every one  knows the Gmail was developed by Google. I think you people are very familiar in sending and receiving mails through the gmail. some of the… (0 comment)

How to Create a Google Form using Google Drive
Trending Today Windows Short Cut Keys C language Interview Questions PART-1 How to Create a Google Form using Google Drive How to create a Bootable USB Device Desgin Your First Google Form 1.Decide which purpose for your Form Decide which information or which purpose you are creating the form 2.Change your Form Theme color Change… (0 comment)

Google the world very huge famous word. One of the google product i.e gmail updated new features by Google.  The new features brings the best and good for the users of gmail. let we discuss how to enable the new it and what are the new features are introduced by Google. How to enable the… (0 comment)