How to Save MSWORD Document in PDF

By using ms-Office programs we can save our documents in pdf or convert into pdf format. So then you don't need any...

Ms-EXcel Basics

Ms-Excel is a software product of Ms-office Developed by the Microsoft.Each and every were we are using the ms-excel sheets or spread sheets for our personal and official works .Ribbon, Office Button Formula Bar Name Box Zoom Bar Work Book Work sheets

How to Repeat specific rows on every page in Excel

Repeat rows on every printed page in excel. STEP1: Click on the page layout tab STEP 2: Goto page setup group in that select "PrintTitles" STEP 3: after clicking the Print titles opens a new window STEP 4: Go to sheet tab in that select repeat rows at top STEP 5: select which rows you wants to display STEP 6: Press ok

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MS Word Shortcut Keys

msword short cut keys Ctrl+R right align paragraph