How to Change Screen resolution in windows 7

How to Change Screen resolution in windows 7
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In this article we are going to learn How to Change Screen resolution in windows 7. Recently am facing the problem screen resolution out of range in my windows 7 operating system. Finally i solve that problem with following simple steps. why we are using screen resolution or display settings for the text and image clarity of your display. Some people using graphic cards based on their configurations.

Let we discus how to change the Change Screen resolution in Windows 7

Open your computer or laptop

On the desktop click with right mouse button go to screen resolution as shown in the image

3.opens our required window for change the screen resolution

4.From that you have an option resolution. click that it will open supported all restitution for your display small resolution to high resolution

5.From the list of resolution set which one you prefer select that and click apply for showing preview if you like click ok other wise you can choose other resolution

Note Here when we are change resolution we have problem with out of range. For that we have to change settings. Goto startmenu search msconfigopen it. in that goto bootmenu uncheck the base video check box. click ok. Restart your computer then change your computer resolution if you want. In some cases LCD monitors automatically detect it. .
Here laks tutorial  mention some popular screen resolution sizes.

  1. 19 inches screen (standard ratio) :1280 X 1024 Pixles

  2. 20 inches screen (standard ratio) :1600 X 1200 Pixles

  3. 22 inches screen (standard ratio) :1680 X 1050 Pixles

  4. 24 inches screen (standard ratio) :1900 X 1200 Pixles

NOTE: In some cases it will show out of range and displays the blank screen. At that time goto—-> start —-> search msconfig. It will open new tab in that goto boot menu from that un check the base video check box after that restart your computer.

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