Gmail New features and How to enable it

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Google the world very huge famous word. One of the google product i.e gmail updated new features by Google.  The new features brings the best and good for the users of gmail. let we discuss how to enable the new it and what are the new features are introduced by Google.

How to enable the New features in Your gmail account.

You just follow the simple steps.

 Login to Your Gmail account
Goto Settings in that select try the new Gmail. As Shown the Image


After that your gmail account will changes to new updated features of gmail.

New features

1.Confidential Mode
2.You can write notes without using other apps.
3.Easily mange your mails.
4.Display Density

1. Confidential Mode

Confidential mode is the best and use full update for the gmail users. If you are sending any personal information or any confidential letters to someone for that  you can select a day  or particular date when you want to disappear those mails, the receipts can’t open the mails after that day.
LAKS TUTORIAL will show how to enable confidential mode to your mails. After compose a mail in the bottom you can see timer icon. Click the timer icon you can get confidential pop up in that you select the day  or date.


2.Write note in Gmail only

In the new mail account right side you have some icons are visible to us those are Google Keep, Google Calendar,Tasks and Google Adon(+ Symbol). By clicking those icons you can get the feature of those google gmail new feature. Instead of searching other applications click the icon symbol and use those features at any time and also  for the time of sending new mails you can add tasks, events, and notes in your gmails only.


3.You can Easily manage Inbox

 When you hold cursor on your mails it will display the delete,Archive,mark as unread,snooze features. For these features in old version first we have to check the mail and then we wants archive or delete in new gmail we don’t do those long process just hover the cursor and you can do what you want.

4.Display Density

You can change the your layout of the gmail . By using the Display Density Feature in the Gmail. For that just goto Settings and then you find display density just like below. From there you can choose your comfortable display for your gmail.


Laks tutorial provides the video tutorial for How to enable new features of GMAIL have a look


Conclusion: laks tutorial hope you got the information how to enable  new  GMAIL and how to try new features. If you have any doubts and sujjeestion don’t hesitate to contact us by using comments or our contact us page..

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