How to Change Gmail Background Theme


Gmail is well known word for every one. Gmail is the best and very responsive mailing provider from the google.

Every one  knows the Gmail was developed by Google. I think you people are very familiar in sending and receiving mails through the gmail. some of the other mailing providers also there like yahoo,, etc. But compare to gmail those are not that much familiar. So here we are going to learn how to change your background theme of your gmail account. From wake up onward most of the people are spending time with in mails only, daily your seeing your old theme when the time of login to your gmail.

Its time to change your Gmail Background theme.
Shall we start how to change the background theme of your gmail account.

Easy steps to change the background of the gmail.

Step 1: Goto Gmail website and login into your gmail.
Step 2:Select the Settings  gear icon in the right side of the window in gmail as shown in the picture.

Step3: In that select themes when you click on thems it will open a pop up window like the image.

Step 4: From those thems you can select your interested theme.and save it.

At the time of selecting only theme will be applied to the your gmail background

Step 5: If you wants to change the background by using your image then click on more. Again it will opens another window

Step 6: From that you can selct the options like upload,my phots, blog phots and also you can uplaod the url
Step 7: After selecting or uploading images just save it Your background image or theme will be applied to the your gmail id.
That’s all your finishing the process of changing the background theme of your gmail account.

Conclusion: I hope you got the information regarding how to change the background of your gmail. I think it is very simple process as we published in the post.If You like the content of the Post Subscribe and like the our facebook page.

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