Installing windows 7 or vista by USB. An easy way to create your USB  to bootable USB devices.   


Before making bootable devices you must and should have the ISO file or you can download from the related operating system websites.

STEP 1: For creating bootable USB we just installing POWER ISO  software for free. Just download the software from the PowerISO website and install the software on your PC.

STEP 2: After installing the Poweriso software open it run as administrator
STEP 3: Then it will open the PowerISO application. from that go to Tools in that select  create a bootable USB drive


STEP 4: It will Open the new window to create bootable USB


STEP 5: Select the source file or image disc means select your Operating Systems ISO file.
STEP 6: In Destination, USB drive chooses your USB device and select start.


STEP 7: It ”ll  Convert your USB device to Bootable USB device.


Successfully You Converted your USB device to bootable USB Device

After Successful completion now you can install windows operating system through USB
Conclusion: I hope you people got the information on how to create  USB to Bootable-USB.  If there are any doubts please write comments.f You like the content of the Post Subscribe and like our facebook page.