How to Repeat specific rows on every page in Excel


How to Repeat Specific rows in excel on every printed page
laks tutorial explains the simple steps for how  to repeat rows in every printed page.

STEP 1: Click the page layout tab in the Ribbon bar
STEP 2 :In that  go to “page setup Group” click on “Print Titles” as highlighted in the image
STEP 3: After Clicking the “Print Titles” it will open the new pop up window

STEP 4: Go to Sheet tab in that select “ROWS TO REPEAT AT TOP” .
STEP 5: Click which rows you want to display or repeat the every printed page
STEP 6: Press OK.

After completion of all the steps For checking just go to print preview then check it your rows are display or not.

Conclusion: Laks Tutorial Hope you got the information about the how to repeat rows on every printed page .For more subscribe our you tube channel laks tutorial

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