How to Save MS-WORD or MS EXCEL and MS-POWER POINT documents in PDF


How to save ms office documents in PDF format. In this post we learn how to save ms-word documents in pdf format.

  1. First check weather in your MS-Word documents save as in pdf format is available or not
  2. For checking whether saving pdf format option. You just go to your ms-office any documents and click save as button in that check pdf is available or not if available save as pdf else you just follow the procedure

Saving your Ms-Office documents in PDF format Procedure

  1. For saving ms documents in pdf format we are installing 2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS
  2. Click the link for downloading the 2007 Microsoft Office Add-in: Microsoft Save as PDF or XPS
  3. After downloading you just install the software.
  4. Go to Your document and click on save as button there in the list you got the pdf format click the pdf format and enter file name click save button your document is saved in pdf format.
  5. In the same repeat the step 3 for your M-Excel and Ms-Power Point documents

Why PDF?

  • PDF(Portable Document Form) is mainly used for Read-only documents
  • If you want to change or alter the data you want to use other electronic devices.
  • The main advantage of the PDF is security

For Step-by-step procedure you can watch the our you tube video for HOW TO SAVE DOCUMENTS IN PDF

How to save Documents in PDF

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