How to Save MSWORD Document in PDF


By using ms-Office programs we can save our documents in pdf or convert into pdf format. So then you don’t need any other software or plugin to converting pdf.

In Ms office 2010 and Newer version follow the steps

  • To export or save as PDF, in your Office file, on the File menu, click Export or Save As

Older versions of Ms-office 2010 follow the steps

Step 1: First Check if you are saving in PDF document go to Your ms-word2007 office button and   click Save as in that we get Save File Name and Save File Type.

Step 2 : In Save File Type check it PDF format is available or not ?

Step 3 : If available click it and type file name and provide were you save after enter those details click save.

Step 4 : If Not available click the link

Step 5: Download the 2007 Microsoft Office Add in:Micro soft Save as  PDF or XPS Document.

Step 6: After downloading the file Run it.

Step 7: After install the Add in Open Your MS-WORD 2007 then check save as now You get the       save option As PDF Format

Step 8 : Enjoy the MS Word to PDF files.


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