Ms-Excel Short cut keys

Alt Keys Description
Alt  For navigate the Ribbon tool
Alt + H Home
Alt + N Insert
Alt + P Page Layout
Alt + M Formulas
Alt + A Data
Alt + R Review
Alt + W View
Alt + F File Menu
Alt +  1 Save
Alt + 2 Undo
Home Shot Keys of ALT
Alt +H+C Copy
Alt + H+ X Cut
Alt+H+V Paste
Alt + H+FP Format painter
Alt +H+FF Font Format
Alt + H+ FS Font Size
Alt +H+ 1 Bold
Alt+H+2 Italic
Alt+H+3 Underline
Alt+H+FG Font size increase
Alt+H+FK Font size decrease
Alt+H+B All Borders styles
Alt +H+H Fill background cell
Alt+H+FC Font color
Alt+H+AT Align Top
Alt+H+AM Align Middle
Alt+H+AB Align Bottom
Alt+H+AL Align Left
Alt+H+AL Align Center
Alt+H+AR Align Right
Alt+H+W Wrap Text
Alt+H+M Merge Cells
Alt+H+N Cell Format


In this video we are going to watch some of the MS-Excel Short cut keys watch and learn the short cut keys


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