MS-Word Short cut keys


Ms-word is product of Micro soft. Laks tutorial shares the short cut keys of the ms-word, from begin level to expert. In this post we are going to learn short keys of ms-word

MS-WORD CTRL Short cut keys

1 CTRL+A Select the entire Document
2 CTRL+B Apply Bold Formating
3 CTRL+C Copy the Selected text or Object
4 CTRL+D Change the formatting of Characters
5 CTRL+E Canter a paragraph
6 CTRL+F Find Text Formating and Special Items
7 CTRL+G Goto a page, fornote other location
8 CTRL+H Replacing text,Specific formating,special items
9 CTRL+I Apply Italic Formating
10 CTRL+J Justify a Paragraph
11 CTRL+K Insert Hyper Link
12 CTRL+L Left Align Paragraph
13 CTRL+M Indent Paragraph from the left
14 CTRL+N Create a New Document
15 CTRL+O Open a Document
16 CTRL+P Print a Document
17 Ctrl+Q Remove a Paragraph
18 CTRL+R Right align a Paragraph
19 CTRL+S Save the Document
20 CTRL+T Create a Hanging Indent
21 CTRl+U Apply an Underline
22 CTRl+V Paste text or Object
23 CTRL+W Close Document
24 CTRL+X Cut the Selected text or Object
25 CTRL+Y Redo or Repeat an action
26 CTRL+Z undo the last action
27 CTRL+[ Decrease the size of selected text by one point
28 CTRL+\ Expand/Collapse subdocuments in a masted doc
29 CTRL+] increase the size of selected textby one point
30 CTRL+(ZERO) Add/remove one line space preceding a paragraph
31 CTRL+1 Single-Space lines
32 CTRL+2 Double Space Lines
32 CTRL+5 Set 1.5 line spacing
32 CTRL+=(EQUAL) Apply subscript formating
32 CTRL+HYPHEN Create a non Break Hyphen
32 CTRL+MINUS An en dash

The table explains the control + Keys . If you are not having a time to read the short cut keys . Just listen our short cut keys audio or you can download also.

Listen short cut keys 

MS-word short keys