MS Word Shortcut Keys


Best and Easy daily useful ms word short keys are list below.

key nameFunctions or usage
Ctrl + ASelect the entire document
Ctrl+BApply Bold Formatting
Ctrl+CCopy the Select Text or Object
Crtl+DChange the Formatting of Characters
Crtl+ECenter a paragraph
Ctrl+FFind Text formatting and special items
Ctrl+GGoto Foot note or other Location
Ctrl+HReplacing Text specific format, special Items
Ctrl+IApply Italic Format
Ctrl+JJustify a paragraph
Ctrl+KInsert Hyper link
Ctrl+LLeft Align Paragraph
Ctrl+MIndent a pargraph from the left
Ctrl+NCreate a New Document
Ctrl+OOpen a Document
Ctrl+PPrint Document
Ctrl+QRemove Paragraph fonting
Ctrl+RRight Align Paragraph
Crtl+SSave the Document
Ctrl+TCreate a Hanging Indent
Ctrl+UApply Underline
Crtl+VPaste the selected  text or object
Ctrl+WClose Document
Ctrl+XCut the Selected text or object
Ctrl+YRedo or Repeat action
Ctrl+ZUndo the last action
Crtl+[Decrease the size of the selected text by one point
Crtl+]Increase the size of the selected text by one point
Ctrl + \Expand / Collapse sub documents in a master document
Ctrl + 0 ZeroAdd or remove line space preceding a paragraph
Ctrl + 1Single space line
Ctrl + 2Double space lines
Ctrl + 3Set 1.5 Line Spacing
Ctrl + =(Equal) 
Apply subscript Formatting
Ctrl + -(Minus)An En Dash
Ctrl + HypenCreating a non breakable hyphen


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