Windows Short Cut Keys
LAKS TUTORIAL will explain and provide the list of windows shortcut keys for our readers. Every new version of Microsoft product s are used commonly same shortcut keys. Below table contains the short cut keys of windows that uses the windows logo key windows logo key board shortcut keys KEY Description Windows Key Display or… (0 comment)

How to Create a Google Form using Google Drive
Trending Today Windows Short Cut Keys C language Interview Questions PART-1 How to Create a Google Form using Google Drive How to create a Bootable USB Device Desgin Your First Google Form 1.Decide which purpose for your Form Decide which information or which purpose you are creating the form 2.Change your Form Theme color Change… (0 comment)

What is a blog, why do we need a blog. Why the people are attracting to create and update their blogs daily.¬†LAKS TUTORIAL ¬†Originally the word “webblog” was coined by “Jorn Barger“. The short form blog named by “Peter Merholz” Blog Meaning ? Blog is an another version of website. Blog is a discussion or… (0 comment)