How to Change Screen resolution in windows 7
In this article we are going to learn How to Change Screen resolution in windows 7. Recently am facing the problem screen resolution out of range in my windows 7 operating system. Finally i solve that problem with following simple steps. why we are using screen resolution or display settings for the text and image… (2 comments)

Windows Short Cut Keys
LAKS TUTORIAL will explain and provide the list of windows shortcut keys for our readers. Every new version of Microsoft product s are used commonly same shortcut keys. Below table contains the short cut keys of windows that uses the windows logo key windows logo key board shortcut keys KEY Description Windows Key Display or… (0 comment)

Installing  windows 7 or vista by USB . Easy way to create a your USB  to bootable USB devices.  Before creating bootable devices you must and should have the ISO file or you can download from the related operating system websites. STEP 1: For creating bootable USB we just installing POWER ISO  software for free.… (0 comment)