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What is a blog, why do we need a blog. Why the people are attracting to create and update their blogs daily. LAKS TUTORIAL
 Originally the word “webblog” was coined by “Jorn Barger“. The short form blog named by “Peter Merholz

Blog Meaning ?

Blog is an another version of website. Blog is a discussion or website that is published in the world wide web. laks tutorial call blog as a online public dairy or journal. In Blogs publish your ideas, your memorable thoughts in your passions way. In Blogs you can create your own unique content to your readers. Blogs can also use as website in your interested topics  by posting article.

Blog Articles ?

In blog what ever the information or topics you can post by articles or posts. In your blog you can post your interested  topics , speeches, motivational quotes to spread to your readers and friends. In blog we have a facility to Invite your friends or relatives to write articles on your blog.

Comments ?

One of the best feature in blog is commenting. In your blog you can ask comments form your readers for improving your content, ideas, in your blog.  By asking comments blog or website can improve the quality. Blog author can interact with the readers of the blog. Blog author can handle the comments by his blogger app.

Earning Money ?

Bloggers can earn money form their blogs by placing ads on blogs. we have so many ads advertiser providers . By placing ads on Blogs, Blog author can make money improve their financial background.

Your Carrier(JOB):

If you want get a good job in Multinational Companies in your resume you can add you own site name in that resume definitely you got some good option for them. Because you know the latest information on the web.


You can share your ideas and motivational speeches to your followers or who wants to knows the details.


You can share your experience to your juniors and the world. By these things you got good name in the world.


Finally LAKS TUTORIAL guides the beginners of the bloggers. I hope beginners can got the information about the blog.  LAKS TUTORIAL  explain the How to earn money, How to place ads on blogs, How to publish Posts or articles on blogs.

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